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YouTube: View Package (Ad Campaign)

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We run your entire Youtube video campaign through a list of playlisting, advertisements, Facebook ads, and YouTube Google Ads. A campaign summary will be emailed to your email provided in the order.

Ther service is the perfect way to build a subscribership onto your own YouTube channel. Using precise keywords and channels you provided for us, we will push the perfect audience onto related videos, allowing you to monetize your streams (if you're a part of the YouTube Partner Program).

Monetization of the video allows you to recoup some of your original investment, which will allow you to keep investing to increase your viewership, subscribership, and monetized views. This is the perfect option for a music video, vloggers, and many more.

The order takes about at minimum 7 business days to get started to do ad approvals and keyword research. All views are real so you will get likes, dislikes, comments, and a huge load of comments. The views will be worldwide, but we can take language requests (i.e., Reggaeton will be Spanish speakers).

For monthly subscribers, you can update the video you want us to advertise by emailing us at support@enforcemedia.net. We will stop the old video ad campaign and transfer the new ad campaign for the new video within 2 business days.

Please don’t forget to put the video link in the notes during checkout!