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SoundCloud: Repost Package - ENFORCE Media

SoundCloud: Repost Package

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The reposts we send are of the highest quality possible because they are actually real artists connected to our repost network. The plan amount correlates to the total amount of follower reach.

Orders under 1M Reach will take about 7 business days to fulfill. Every 1M more will take another 3-5 business days.

Every 1M gives around 1 Major Artist to Repost!

For example, 5 M reach is around 10 Major Artist Reposting.

What happens after I purchase the campaign?

After 6 business days, people will start reposting your track in our network. However, after 6 business days, you should confirm with us that the campaign is queued up (we are always super busy!). You will know the campaign has ended after you received the proof of results in your email address on file. If you do not receive a proof of results at the end, that means we're still working on the campaign, so feel free to check-in with us about the progress!