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Apple Music: Playlist Pitch (Monthly Subscription)

Apple Music: Playlist Pitch (Monthly Subscription)

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We pitch your song to the various high influential independent playlist every Friday. The subscription is charged monthly

  • Pitch to major label playlists and key independent playlists

The package is a starter marketing package to get a feel for what we can do for you. We guarantee at least 1 legitimate and organic playlist that should generate at least 20,000 streams a month. Serious artists should buy custom packages and not this since there's no guarantee on the expected end result.

How Long Does This Campaign Last?

It lasts exactly 30 days the day after your purchase. If your purchase on Saturday, April 18th, it starts counting on Sunday, April 19th.

How Frequent Will I Be Charged?

You'll be charged every 4 Weeks (including weekends).

How do I change my track?

You can change your track by contacting support@enforcemedia.net

I just released an EP of 5 tracks. Can I still use this?

One order is one track, so you may place 5 separate orders to promote all 5 tracks on the EP. 

Will prices change if I order now?

Grandfathered prices will never change until you cancel. Once you cancel, you have to pay for the new price.

How do I track the stats?

You can track the states in Apple for Artists App or Online

How do you do quality checks on the track?

If we refund you within 2 business days, it means we did not find suitable playlists for your track.

What's your background and role in the music industry?

Five of our consultants are E-Commerce Experts who've spent millions of dollars on Instagram/Facebook ads. Collectively, we receive over 1500+ demos weekly from major labels such as Dim Mak (Steve Aoki's Label), The Nations, Interscope Records, Atlantic Records (Warner Music), Spinnin Records (Warner Music), and many more.