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YouTube: View Package (Playlisting Campaign)

YouTube: View Package (Playlisting Campaign)

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YouTube Playlisting campaign is advertising your music through a series of popular YouTube Music Playlists

Ther service is the perfect way to build a subscribership onto your own YouTube channel. Playlists are based on music genre; we will push the perfect audience onto related videos, allowing you to monetize your streams (if you're a part of the YouTube Partner Program).

Monetization of the video allows you to recoup some of your original investment, which will allow you to keep investing to increase your viewership, subscribership, and monetized views. This is the perfect option for a music video, which doesn't fall under the Ads guideline.

What Music Genre Can you Do?

We can do all the music genre's. If we cannot for some reason, we will 100% refund you!

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